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3 Flutes, 3 Percussion & Live Electronics

First Performance:
Trio D'Argent (Paris) Sete Portas (Brasil) Leon Milo (USA)
Festival Ile de France Oct. 2005

other performances:
Festval Octobre en Normandie Oct. 2005

You can see a video from the first performance here. TranseSept film

Listen to the first performance TranseSept mp3

Presentation of the concert evening "Praia De Bahia" in Portuguese pdf download

"TranseSept” is a collaboration between the Trio d'Argent and a percussion trio from Bahia, Brazil, Sete Portas. In this work , I wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between these flutists of western classical tradition and the percussionists coming from an oral tradition of Latin, African and Condoble drumming by using the live electronics as a catalyst for improvisations. A way to harmonize or propose a kind of neutral territory (equally strange for all!) in which the only defined elements are the type of percussion instruments used (metal, skin or wood), flute type and musically, a starting or ending point in terms of rhythm or timbre leading to another part of the piece. So, there is written music for flutists as a trio, unwritten music for percussion trio and improvisatory sections of trios made up of one flute, one percussion and electronics, myself playing the electronics. The electronic programing could change also, depending on the electronic musician taking part in a specific performance. Rehearsals for this piece took place first in Brazil for the performances here in France in two festivals, in Paris and Le Havre. This recording was the first performance.